Electrolysis – Hair removal

The only proven method of removing unwanted facial or body hair permanently. We use the latest technology to remove hair faster, less painful, and much more effective than with traditional methods. We are able to work on larger areas such as underarms and bikini line etc. clearing areas quickly with minimal trauma to the skin. Mary and Diana each have over 30 years of experience in the practice of Electrolysis and Mary also has 10 years in teaching.  Gender reassignment clients are welcome to our discreet clinic. Unlike Laser treatments for hair removal we can work successfully on any hair … Read more

DMK Alkaline Wash – Hair Removal

The DMK Alkaline Wash system is a remarkable treatment designed to reduce fine, downy hair. This type of hair is very difficult to remove, the hair growth is usually dense and would take a long time to treat with electrolysis and is also not suitable to be treated with IPL or Laser. The advantage of Alkaline Wash is that you can remove large areas of hair in one treatment with no discomfort as with other hair-removal systems. It also works well when combined with electrolysis, which is suitable for stronger hairs. After the first treatment, the hair will grow back … Read more


Quick and efficient method of removing unwanted hair. We use only the very best warm wax ensuring the complete removal of  unwanted hairs with as little discomfort as possible, and Adam & Eve Hot Wax, essential for all intimate waxing. Legs Full Leg & Underarm  £  52.00 Full Leg Wax  £  37.80 Full Leg, Standard Bikini Wax  £  47.75 Full Leg, Standard Bikini, Underarm Wax  £  61.40 Three-quarter Leg & Standard Bikini Wax  £  44.10 Three-quarter Leg Wax  £  34.65 Three-quarter Leg, Standard Bikini, Underarm Wax  £  58.30 Three-quarter Leg, Underarm Wax  £  49.35 Half Leg Wax  £  24.15 Half … Read more