Weight Loss and Slimming

We specialise in designing slimming courses for the individual, with regular weight monitoring and dietary advice.

During the initial consultation we will discuss you and your families eating habits, you will need to bring with you to this session or the next a weekly eating diary. From this information we will tailor an eating plan for you which will be easy to follow and not be too disruptive to the rest of your family. To be successful in losing weight in the long term eating habits must be changed permanently we do not believe in the quick fix of many “diets” as often any weight loss is regained as soon as you finish the diet.

In addition to our Weight Loss treatments you may find a course of the Slendertone muscle exerciser sessions will help to tone up the body as you lose weight.

Weigh in Initial Consultation  £  55.65
Weigh In Course of Twelve Consultations  £194.25
Weigh in – Follow up sessions  £  17.25