Regular treatments have been proven to help nails that are inclined to peel, break or split. Excellent results can be achieved with a course of treatments combined with home care products. With our Luxury Manicure, your hands will be cosseted in the heated mitts aiding the penetration of the rich hand cream followed by a firm massage, leaving your hands feeling pampered, soft and smooth.

Luxury Manicure  £   31.00
Luxury Manicure with French polish  £   387.25
Luxury Manicure with Gel Soak Off  £   38.85
Luxury Manicure with Gel Overlay  £  48.30
Luxury Manicure – Course of six £  167.45
Mini Manicure  £   25.20
Mini Manicure with French Polish  £   32.00
File and Paint normal application  £   18.90
File and paint French Polish application  £   20.50
File Nails & Tidy Cuticles  £   18.90