Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

Discover the difference of a healthy nail treatment that’s a pleasure to wear. Enhance your natural nails with Bio Sculpture Gel, professionally applied Gel Overlays or Sculptured Extensions to add length. Permanent Colour  Overlay for that freshly painted look, week after week. Only Bio Sculpture Gel makes nails beautiful, flexible and strengthens nails naturally.

With the Bio Sculpture system your natural nails are not damaged either by the preparation of the nails prior to gel being applied by vigorous buffing and filing or the products used. We aim to repeat the maintenance infills as often as possible therefore reducing the number of times the nails need to be soaked off, again helping you to maintain healthy nails that look really fabulous.

New Gel Application for Hands or Feet

Clear Gel Overlay £38.50
Colour Gel Overlay £38.50
French Gel Overlay £44.00

Note – If you wish to have a new gel application each visit please add £ 7 to the above prices for the soak off treatment.

Maintenance Infills  (approximately every 3 or 4 weeks)

With the new Bio Sculpture Gel formulation we are able to offer either maintenance infills which are usually done at 3 or 4-week intervals.

Or we can remove the old gel and apply a fresh application that allows you to change colours or have a French finish, the choice is yours.

Maintenance Infills (if required) £38.50
Maintenance Infills French (if required) £44.00

Removal of Gel Overlay

Gel Soak Off with New Gel Application  £ 46.00
Final Soak Off with Mini Manicure & Nail Nourishing Treatment  £ 23.50
Final Soak Off with New French Gel Application  £ 52.00

Removal of Acrylic Nails

Please note we do not apply Acrylic nails)

Removal of Acrylic Nails with nail conditioning £31.50
Removal of Acrylic nails and new Gel overlay £54.00


Repair Per Nail £5.50

Nail Preparation

If your nails and cuticles are in poor condition it may be advisable to have the mini manicure or pedicure session before to ensure a long lasting gel polish.

Nail Preparation with Gel application (if required) £14.50