Aromatherapy Massage

Preventative and therapeutic treatment using gentle fluid drainage massage techniques with a blend of pure essential oils tailored to the individual.
Regular aromatherapy treatments from a qualified aromatherapist will bring about, and retain for much longer, a dramatic improvement in well-being and general health, increased vitality, and visible improvement in the texture of the skin.
Particularly successful in cases of stress, tension, insomnia, headaches, poor circulation, menstrual and menopausal difficulties. All our pure essential oils are of the highest quality and are full strength and therefore have maximum curative powers.

Aromatherapy Back & Neck Massage £53.00
Aromatherapy Body Massage £89.50
Aromatherapy Face and Scalp £46.75
Couples Aromatherapy Body Massage – for both £165.90
Course of 3 Aromatherapy Body Massage £242.55